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Our wedding services are custom prepared to fit each individual couple's needs. You only hire us for the amount of time you actually need us. Some couples have large families who can help them accomplish their to-do list items while others are restricted by busy work schedules and may live far away from their support network.


All of our wedding services include complete orchestration and coordination of your rehearsal, wedding ceremony and reception. We will be the main point of contact for all vendor questions and help you create a timeline to give you peace of mind that your wedding occurs just as you envision. We will ensure that every aspect of your wedding flows seamlessly and according to your specifications. From helping you and your bridesmaids get ready for pre-ceremony pictures to packing away your gifts while you mingle with your guests, we will conscientiously and unobtrusively orchestrate the logistics of your day.  Then, depending upon how much assistance you need from there, we can help you select the right venues, refer you to quality and appropriate vendors, manage your budget and help you create the look and style of your wedding.


We offer a complimentary planning session either by phone or in person to discuss your Wedding Day vision. Once we have a better idea of exactly what your particular needs are, we’ll promptly put together an appropriate package describing what services we’ll provide to accomplish your planning goals. Afterward, we’ll set up a time to meet and go over each checklist item in further detail. Once you’re comfortable knowing that we’re the planner for you, we’ll be ready to get started. Simple as that! What once was a stressful, overwhelming, and complicated decision making process will quickly become relaxing, fun and enjoyable!


We’d love to hear more about your plans!

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