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Although this is a very fun and exciting time, you've probably realized that many aspects involved in planning a wedding can be tedious, stressful and overwhelming. There's so much to do and very little time to get it all done. Finding the right dress, venue, photographer, videographer, musicians, band/DJ, floral designer, caterer, baker, transportation company, etc., can be daunting to say the least. Not to mention organizing and coordinating the actual wedding rehearsal and ceremony. Until recently, brides, or their families, had to do all of this by themselves with little knowledge of etiquette, event scheduling or budget allocating. That's why you should hire a professional to handle all the less-than-romantic details. 

Every Last Detail will guide you along the way to ensure your event reflects your personality and vision. We have customized our services to allow you to relax and embrace every moment of your wedding day. 


It's your special day, let us handle....every last detail.'re having a wedding!

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